Helpful Tips To Manage Your Factory Security


Manufacturing plants have an ever-growing threat of espionage. Manufacturers have to build connections with other non-competing businesses to expand their territory and market value. However, the more connections you build the more prone you get to insecurity. Here we are speaking of cyber security as well as the security of the physical building that houses your manufacturing plant. 

When you are running a manufacturing plant, you should be very careful of your competitors. Everyone else in the business might have an eye on your latest technologies and clients. If you want to ensure the safety of your plant, having a strong cybersecurity plan and partnering with a reliable fence supplier may not be enough. Here is what you should do. 

Develop A Device Profiling System 

You should develop a device profiling system for all your employees and people who are regularly visiting your facility. As people are allowed to bring their mobile phones and laptops, ensuring security has become even more difficult. Checking a secure company network may not be enough. You should develop a device profiling system. 

With this system, you can make a profile for every person visiting your building every day. It will include the identity of that person, the purpose of visitation, and their devices. In case of a breach, locating the device used for the breach can become easier. 

Secure Your Network 

You should consider securing your company’s internet connection with the best cybersecurity tools available in the market. Outsource a cybersecurity team that can build a secure firewall for your company’s network. 

This firewall will not only keep outsiders away from your important business sites, data files, and other information but also keep scrutiny of your internal employees. This can make breaches even more difficult. 

Build First Line Of Defence 

Just like the web, your building should also have a strong first line of defense. Do not just rely on a single security checkpoint. Secure your facility area by using chain link fencing. Chain fabrics are made with iron and they are very secure. 

It is quite difficult to break the chain fences. You can couple the fencing with security cameras. If your security team is constantly watching over all the cameras, they can take quick acactiongainst intruders if anyone dares to enter the facility. For nights, make sure that all your entrance and exit doors are secured with a security system. 

Keep An Eye On Outsiders 

When you have outsiders visiting your manufacturing plant, make sure that you ask for their identification cards. If possible, keeping their digital devices at the security checkpoint can help you avoid any unforeseen issues. However, if you can not take their devices away, keeping a check on their network and web activity can help you ensure there is no security breach. 

You can use various security software that can do the job without letting anyone know. This way, you can avoid giving any intruder a heads-up. Catching intruders becomes easier.