6 Common Yet Unavoidable Causes of Addiction

6 Common Yet Unavoidable Causes of Addiction

1. Mental Illness

Mental illness is the primary cause of addiction. If a person is on regular drugs, it will make him impaired mentally and physically; even retards proper functioning and responsiveness. Mental retardation is not just an illness but the primary source of making someone addicted.

2. Poor Relationships

Addiction is something without which you cannot survive if you cannot get what you want. If someone suffers from a poor relationship, he may get disheartened and degraded by the community’s influence. But they become helpless when they suffer more from the family. Lack of family support causes addiction, but it can easily be rehab.

3. Physical or Mental Trauma

Trauma can be physical and mental. It depends on the situation from which you are going through. Adverse childhood experiences especially lead to trauma. These experiences are so tragic that the person with whom something tragic happens may become a criminal to take revenge. Traumatic experiences can be from physical or sexual abuse, verbal or non-verbal abuse, self-experienced or witnessed violence, separation in parents, couples, and friends, stress, and depression about financial and professional life. 

If you or someone suffering from mental trauma and gets addicted to any abuse can be rehabbed by the professional and reliable Outpatient Addiction Housing system. Who says that addicts cannot regain everyday life? Of course, they can live a normal life again with the hope of achieving success personally and professionally

4. Environmental Aspects

You live in an environment interlinked with your traditions, cultures, norms, and values. These primary factors positively or negatively impact your personality, behavior, physic, and psychology.  

Moreover, being raised in poverty can ultimately lead to a poor person’s wrong deeds. Poverty is such an abusive state that not just can cause addiction but also give birth to a lot of crimes. If a child faces peer pressure, community influence, and an unstable home environment, it is the most significant contributing factor to addiction.

5. Social Factors

The severe impacts of social factors can cause addiction. Children are more likely to be affected by society and its norms when at the age of learning. Society plays a significant role in affecting anyone’s personality. 

For instance, one of the significant trends in our society is being beautiful at any cost. In the modern world, there is beauty competition among people. A social trend that has been causing addiction is Botox. Botox addiction is increasing day by day due to social demand, as Botox cosmetic treatment is considered a beauty enhancer.

6. Genetic Predisposition

Studies depict that primarily different types of addictions are caused by genetic predisposition. Addiction is prevalent in those people who are attached to addicts. Let’s take an example of a criminal. The abuse of doing crime is transferred from ancestors who are already committing different crimes. 

The children of such ancestors also get addicted by committing crimes. There are sporadic cases where you see a child of a criminal become a doctor or an engineer. Hence genetic disposition is somehow the straight way towards addiction to something.