Male Fertility – Lifestyle Factors That Could Be Affecting

There exists a lot of hue and cry about infertility among women throughout the world. But in reality, female infertility is not the only concern. Male infertility is also a prevalent adversity and there are many lifestyle disorders that lead to low sperm count among urban men, which is why many men turn to a male fertility supplement. The following are the foremost factors that can render the men sterile.

  1. Smoking:Smoking not only causes cancer. It also encourages the development of other disorders like low sperm count in men. It reduces the number of antioxidants in the body. Therefore, quit smoking today and opt for alternative measures like exercise, nicotine chewing gums in order to divert yourself from the urge of smoking.
  2. Stress:Sperm count is inversely proportional to stress. The more you are stressed the lesser your sperm count will be and vice versa. The current life is fast-paced and taking it easy is a practical measure. However, exercising, maintaining a balanced diet and sleeping well could be viable measures when it comes to the reduction of stress.
  3. Sleeping disorder:Sleeping disorders go in tandem with stress. Any disruption in your slumber also leads to the lowering of sperm count. You can perform meditation and breathing exercises before hitting the bed, both of which induce sound sleep. Listening to soothing music before sleep can help too.
  4. Poor diet:Poor diet leads to the reduction in sperm count. Therefore, maintain a balanced diet. Make sure you consume a lot of fruits and vegetables and increase your intake of zinc which can be found in high concentration in foods like whole grain, eggs, fish and nuts.
  5. Excessive exercise:There is no accurate evidence as to whether excessive exercise can lead to a reduction in sperm count. However, it is wise to keep things in moderation.
  6. Intake of caffeine:Caffeine affects the normal level of zinc and calcium in the body and a lot of coffee per day means reduced sperm counts. There are a lot of health benefits of green tea, therefore, instead of coffee, you can opt for healthier options like black tea or green tea.
  7. Alcoholism:Alcohol not only depletes the amount of testosterone in the body, it also diminishes the libidinal urge in men. Nothing can be healthier than leading the life of a teetotaler. If you are suffering from alcoholism, seek therapy today because it has other adverse effects as well.
  8. ObesityBeing overweight can take a toll on the health of your sperms. Therefore prevent yourself from accumulating extra fat and if you are already overweight, exercise and eat properly to reduce weight.
  9. Exposure to a lot of heat:Sitting in front of your computer for a long duration can affect the sperm count. The heat waves that are emitted by such machines are detrimental to health. Therefore, balance your work with some recreational strolls in the midst of nature to lead a healthier life.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!