Three Effective Self Defense Tips for Women


Whether going out for a grocery run or a girls night out, women around the world can understand how it feels to be scared for their safety at all times. After all, there may be a predator looking for a chance to strike at any time. In such circumstances, it is fair to be scared and look for ways to ensure your protection and well-being.

New laws against predators are being introduced every day. Yet, there are millions of cases regarding assault and attacks that remain unsolved. Therefore, it is always a good idea to stay prepared for the worst circumstances rather than regretting later.

Here are a few effective tips that can help women across the world in feeling protected.

1. Set Verbal Boundaries

Predators are always on the watch for opportunities to strike. They look for alone or vulnerable women as easy targets. In many cases, they may try to lure you in by sweet talking or getting closer to you. In such circumstances, it is best to trust your instinct.

You can say “no” if you feel uncomfortable or unsafe. It is best to be loud and clear while asking for them to step away and give you some space. Being loud shows the predators that you are confident and assertive. Hence, you can feel safer and stronger.

If you have a Custom Close Quarter Tactical Pistols, you can point that towards your attacker and let them know loud and clear about the possibilities. This way, you can scare away the attacker and reach home safely.

2. Join a Class

Every year, millions of women become a target to assaulters and predators and many have a close call. These instances can be very scary and can reaffirm you about the importance of self-defense. After all, there is nothing better than holding the power to protect yourself in any unexpected circumstances.

That is why, several women join martial arts classes every year to learn new ways that can ensure their safety. Martial arts classes dedicated to self-defense can teach you many techniques that enable you to immobilize your attacker and buy you some time to run to safety.

Of course, when all else fails, your self-defense classes can help you perfect your groin kicks to ensure your well-being in all challenging circumstances.

3. Trust Your Gut

Every woman can agree that their gut feeling is often correct. Whether it’s about a person or a place, your gut feeling can help you escape many unfortunate circumstances. Therefore, it is important to never underestimate your gut and ensure that you stay connected with it.

Whether you are scared of walking home alone or do not feel wrong about a new person you met, you must trust your instinct and let it take the lead.

It is only wise to walk dark alleys only when it’s absolutely necessary and you see no other way to get to your destination. Even then, it is best to ask someone to join you on the way and keep tools such as pepper spray or a taser on you to ensure your protection.